Construction Schedule*

Starting late 2019, construction is expected to last through Summer 2022 and will be done in phases as indicated on the map below.

The Millbrae BART Station and parking garage will remain open during construction – safe pedestrian and bike access will be maintained.

Update: 1/11/20

On January 25, 2020, the Gateway at Millbrae Station project will close the northeast portion of the surface parking lot located between Aviador Avenue and Rollins Road to prepare for construction. 

The parking garage will remain open during all phases of construction; however, a portion of the 1st floor of the garage will be closed to begin construction of a new Passenger Loading area. 


A large Transit-oriented Development (TOD) project will soon start construction on the surface lots at Millbrae Station. Almost all surface parking will be closed. 300 spaces will return at the end of construction. 

  • The first work, on weekends (Thursday night through early Monday) in December and January, is restriping the spaces inside the parking garage to increase the number of spaces.

  • ADA spaces will not close until Friday nights. 

  • The work will be done floor by floor. 

  • Tow Away signs will be posted in the spaces 72 hours before work begins on each floor. 

Once the re-striping is finished, the western side of the first floor will be permanently closed to parking as we relocate the outside loading zone (passenger pick-up/drop-off and shuttles) into the garage. 

Monthly permit areas will be affected by the restriping. Please make note of the closure signs and, when the 4th floor is closed, park in Permit stalls on the 3rd floor and when the 3rd floor is closed, use the 4th floor.