1. What is the Gateway at Millbrae Station Project?

This project is an iconic neighborhood-defining community that provides quality spaces where people can live, work, shop and dine. 

This project is a transit-oriented development, which will provide the following:

  • 150,000 SF of Class-A Office Space
  • 300 Market-Rate Apartment Units
  • 100 Affordable Apartment Units, 80 of which are Veteran Preferred
  • A 164-room Marriot Residence Inn
  • 44,000 SF of ground floor retail and restaurant space. 

Located at the Millbrae BART Station, this project will assist in developing sustainable transit ridership.

2. What are the benefits of the Gateway at Millbrae Station?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Greatly enhanced BART commuter experience with improved station access and safety
  • 400 new rental homes, including 100 affordable units, 80 of which are Veteran-preferred
  • New public open spaces, plazas, pedestrian/bike paths and dog park
  • Approximately 1,100 new jobs

3. Will the Millbrae BART Station and parking garage remain open during construction?

Yes. Both the Millbrae BART Station and parking garage will remain open during construction. Safe pedestrian and bike access will be maintained.

4. Will ADA paths and parking spaces be available?

Yes. All ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and parking spaces will be available.

5. Will parking be reduced during construction?

Yes. Parking will be reduced in phases, allowing commuters time to make necessary adjustments. Please refer to the map below for relative timeframes.

You may also visit the Parking tab for the latest updates.

6. How many BART parking spaces will be available during construction?

BART’s approximately 2,100-space parking garage will remain open and available to BART riders during construction. 

7. How will the closure of surface parking affect the availability of parking options?

As surface parking is closed, there will be more competition for the remaining parking spaces. Customers should look at alternative modes to access the station or plan on arriving at the station earlier in the day.

8. How will construction affect parking permit holders?

Yes. Current Monthly Permit holders will continue to have dedicated “Permit” parking areas at the station that will be set aside for permit holders until 10am each day.

However, as surface parking areas close, there will be fewer over-all parking spaces available, which may mean that more daily parkers will take spots soon after 10am). 

We recommend that permit holders make plans to arrive at the station before 10am.

9. Will customers be able to use EZ Rider to pay for Daily Fee parking?

Yes. Customers will be able to pay for their Daily Fee parking by tagging the Parking Validation Machine with their linked Clipper card in the paid area of the station. Sign up at ezrider.bart.gov/ezrider/.  

10. Will customers be able to pay by cash or BART Ticket for their Daily Fee parking?

Yes. Customers can continue to use the Parking Validation Machine in the paid area of the station. 

11. Is there a BART app to help with trip planning, real-time departures, advisories, etc.?

Please download the official BART app on your mobile device. 

12. Where can I find information on SamTrans to Millbrae BART Station?

Visit the links for SamTrans Route ECR and ECR Rapid to the Millbrae station. There is service available every 15 to 20 minutes during peak commute hours.

13. What are some carpool options to the Millbrae Station?

Below is a list of carpool options:

14. Where can I find more information about Bike options/resources?

Limited bike rack space is available on the Caltrain platform and electronic bike lockers are available via BikeLink.

15. Where can Caltrain Parkers find information about transportation alternatives?

Caltrain riders can visit the following webpage to learn more about transportation alternatives: www.caltrain.com/MillbraeStationChanges 

16. Where can I find up-to-date information about the Gateway at Millbrae Station project?

Continue to visit our website: www.GatewayatMillbraeStation.com

Follow us on social media:

  • Facebook: @GatewayatMillbraeStation
  • Twitter: @GatewayMillbrae

17. What is the construction timeline?

Starting late 2019, construction is expected to last through Summer 2022 and will be done in phases. 

18. What is happening to the old Passenger Loading Zone?

On May 18, 2020, the Millbrae Station’s east side Passenger Loading Zone will be moved to its new permanent location on the 1st floor of the garage.

The old loading zone will be permanently closed for the Gateway at Millbrae Station Project, which is part of the BART's initiative to encourage Transit Oriented Development (TOD), and will include housing, retail, and dining opportunities. A portion of the housing will be affordable and is prioritized for veterans. 

19. What are the benefits of the new Passenger Loading Zone located on the 1st floor of the garage?

The new loading zone will be protected from weather and will feature better lighting and separate zones for active passenger loading, ride apps, taxis, and 15-minute waiting spaces.